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Piano tuning is the most basic maintenance of the audio quality of your piano. Do you recall when you last had your piano tuned? Is the instrument still at A440 pitch? If you cannot answer those two questions, it is likely time to get your piano tuned.

Conceptually, piano tuning is straightforward. The task is simply to adjust each of the 200+ strings to vibrate at exactly the correct frequency when struck by the hammers inside the piano. However, as with most things, the devil is in the details.

Piano strings are held under high tension to ensure that they vibrate properly. Combined, the tension of the strings is measured in tens of tons of force. Special tools and techniques are necessary to work with forces like these. But more than this is necessary to do an excellent job of piano tuning.

The ultimate goal of tuning is to get the vibrational frequency of each string correct so the piano sounds right. That means the technician you choose to do this work needs more than mechanical dexterity. He or she needs a fine, trained ear. If you want your piano tuned correctly, you should rely on a Registered Piano Technician like Jean-Luc.

Jean-Luc, of Jean-Luc’s Piano Service, has many years of experience tuning, maintaining, and repairing all the best pianos for prominent art organizations and world-renowned pianists. With this background, he is eminently qualified to work on your piano too.

While there are many people promoting themselves as piano tuners here in Albuquerque, NM, Few have the experience or skill to do a world-class job. Given that it can take years to develop a real faculty for piano tuning, this is easy to understand. Ensure that your piano is tuned properly. Contact Jan-Luc’s Piano Service for a difference you can hear.

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