Piano Repairs

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Piano Repairs

Piano Repairs  | Jean-Luc's Piano Service - Albuquerque, NM

Even the highest-quality piano, maintained carefully and tuned regularly, will eventually require repairs. The quality of the piano repairs can massively affect the sound of the instrument for years to come. Given this, the crucial question becomes, who will repair your piano when it becomes necessary?

To be sure of quality results, you should only allow a Registered Piano Technician to repair your piano. Ideally, it will be someone so skilled and experienced that he has worked on the pianos of world-renowned artists and has done concert tunings. Experience like this ensures that such a technician can handle any kind of repairs you are likely to need.

Such a technician is based here in Albuquerque, NM. Jean-Luc, of Jean-Luc’s Piano Service, is a Registered Piano Technician with many years of experience. He has worked on the pianos of artists such as Olga Kern and Awadagin Pratt, and done concert tunings for organizations including the New Mexico Symphony, the Santa Fe Opera, and Ballet Pro Musica.

With a background like this, you would be justified in expecting the very best quality piano repairs. This is exactly what you will get when you engage Jean-Luc’s Piano Service.

But what about exterior repairs? To ensure the highest-quality results, Jean-Luc subcontracts restoration and refinishing work to skilled craftsmen. This way, the external look and finish of your piano will be as beautiful as the music that emanates from it.

Don’t allow your piano to suffer from a lock of repairs! Whether it is suffering from internal problems that affect the sound quality, or external damage that detracts from the physical beauty of the instrument, Jean-Luc can fix the problem. Call today to get your piano repairs done by Jean-Luc’s Piano Service.